Thursday, April 2, 2009

Helath and Fitness does make your journey fun and productive

Yes that it does increase your productivity when you are fit and healthy. Studies show that people who are on a wellness program a journey that includes health maintenance are individuals that experience a greater level of successes in life.

With that said it is up to you to follow some sound and proven methods that enhance life physically and mentally.

Here is a great tip this tip could almost be understood as a secret however it is not it is just not talked about much because it is not controlled by any corporate inanities as of yet. In fact this health tips that is almost considered a secret threaten the whole sickness industry that many in our country are profiting from.

If you were told that you could be healthy and energetic full of life would you listen?

Many of us tend to listen too much to those corporate diving commercials and the same advice that has created this sickness industry.

Listen carefully here is a tip that could get you healthy and help keep you healthy. Listen carefully. This is so simple and easy.

Wheatgrass Information

No wild promises just sound advice from an individual that gives back to those seeking the truth and a better healthier life.

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Healthy fitness and weight loss tips

Healthy fitness and weight loss tips blog

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Online Videos Are Hot Do You Know How To Make Videos

Online videos have change the face of the Internet. Are you ready do you know how to make great videos.

How To Make Your Own Video Tutorial Review

There is an online video review that will give you some great insight about the best online video training tutorial that will guide you step by step through a complete process to produce the best online videos.

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Producing Videos are a must now. A couple of years back the cutting edge marketers were scooping up fortunes with online videos.

Today it is almost expected by the Internet user to have a video at the site they are visiting. Smart marketers know how important it is to have video on their website.

Videos are attention grabbers, professional image creators and return customer creators.

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

WP Comment Remix a WordPress Plug-in Review

WP Comment Remix a WordPress Plug-in Review

From Reply and Quote links for commenter, to a full upgrade to the edit comments pages in the admin panel, WordPress Comment Remix will save you time and effort when running your blog. It adds to the comments section of your blog providing the wordpress commenter and wordpress blog owners true power and ease of use in the comment area of wordpress.

Get the whole scope here:

You can also see it here:

For the readers

WP Comment Remix adds a number of great features that you can turn on or off, but they include:

Reply Link
You can add a Reply link to each comment, when clicked, adds “@OriginalPoster”, and links it to the anchor of that comment.

Quote Link
Clicking the Quote link has a similar action to the Reply link but it adds the entire comment in a blockquote tag, including the reply link.

Comment Ordering
You can choose how you want to order the comments for your readers - By Author name or Date, and Ascending or Descending.

Separate or Remove Trackbacks
You can choose to separate the Trackbacks from the comments and move them to the bottom of the list, or remove them completely.

Comment Tags
Comment tags allow your readers (and you) to find comments more easily, instead of having to read through potentially hundreds of comments in a single post to find something specific.

In the admin area

WP Comment Remix also adds some awesome admin functionality for comments.

New ‘In Need Of Reply’ notifier
WordPress Comment Remix adds a button, similar to the “Awaiting Moderation” button that shows up on the right hand side of the Comments menu link. The new button tells you how many comments are in need of a reply and when clicked takes you to a list of those comments

New Links In Comment Admin Area
WordPress Comment Remix adds new links to each comment display:

  • Edit
  • Reply
  • Quote
  • Mark Replied
  • Ignore
  • and more

Edit does exactly that: sends you to the edit comment page.

Reply and Quote function much like the Reply and Quote links in the public comment area, except instead of sending you to the post page to enter your comment, WordPress Comment

Remix simply pops up an ajax reply box where you can make your reply then save it - all without leaving the page

Mark Replied tells WordPress Comment Remix that you’re not going to reply to that comment. This makes it easy to hide comments in the “In need of reply” list if you’re not going to reply to them

Ignore Marks that comment as not needing your attention and removes it from the notifier also

Added AJAX functionality on the Manage Posts page
Now you can click on the comments image on the Manage Posts page and the comments for that post will drop down in the same window so you can edit them right there.

You can see this worpress comments plug-in in action at"

Wordpress Widgets
WordPress Comment Remix also adds 4 powerful new widgets. All of the widgets enable you to set a display template, and use similar tokens to control that template.

Recent Comments Remix
The recent comments remix widget allows you to control the look and feel of the display of recent comments. Also included is the ability to add gravatars to each recent comment displayed

Recent Trackbacks Remix
We pulled the trackbacks from the recent comments control, and put them into their own widget, so you can effectively feature both on your sidebar.

Most Active Discussions
This widget displays the most active discussions (posts with the highest comment counts) so you can wear your most popular posts like a badge of honor

Most Active Commenters
Looking for a way to honor frequent commenters? Look no further. The most active commenters widget allows you to display your blog’s top commenters proudly, as well as give them some love by linking their name to their site

Each of the widgets is template-enabled, which means you can easily tell the widget how you want things displayed.

This is a great worpress comments plug-in that will really streamline your comments area of wordpress. You can save time and actually increase you SEO (search engine Optimization) of you wordpress blog. This wordpress comments plug-in will make it much easier to answer and reply to your readers and add some nice features that you and your reader will like go check it out at"

Let's face it by making your wordpress blog users friendly and interacting with your readers you have powered up your blog you develop a loyal readership and you can spread you knowledge to more users. Do you want your readers to comment more frequently and enjoy the process head over to:

Jason also has a video explaining the settings in his wordpress comment plugin.

It is an easy install or it was for me.